Revenue Sharing for Tattle Ambassadors

Who we are:

Tattle is building a community marketplace for people and businesses to list, discover, and book unique experiences all over the world. Tattle is a flexible platform that allows travellers and locals alike to experience something new. Tattle’s focus is to encourage cultural embrace between us all through sharing unique experiences with each other.

Our hosts’ Experiences comes in many different varieties, but each one needs a passionate, knowledgeable host: a teacher, tour guide, or coordinator who makes the experience happen. For example, making authentic Indian cuisine with a passionate Tamil chef or salmon fishing with an experienced local fisherman.

What we are offering:

A special offer you won’t find anywhere else in the industry! Tattle is a commission based platform, and we will split 50% of all our profits when your referred host receives a booking. For Life. What this means for you is a residual income system that will allow you to do the things you want and enjoy life like no other.

What we are looking for

We seek Ambassadors with a long-term, entrepreneurial attitude, who can attract a large number of other entrepreneurs and passionate individuals to become Tattle hosts. The types of experiences we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • art/culture
  • food/drinks
  • entertainment/nightlife
  • nature/outdoors
  • sports/wellness

Some helpful traits include:

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit 
  • You are on the ball with what’s happening in your own city
  • You are great at communication, and you have a wide network with lots of connections who could be Tattle hosts
  • You love Tattle’s idea and want to be involved as we transform the world

For example:

John is a Tattle Ambassador. John talks to Marie and introduces her to Tattle. Marie signs up to become a Tattle host, and creates a Photo Tour based on her passion of taking amazing photos for Instagram. Once her experience has been verified, any time her experience receives bookings, you will receive 50% of profits that Tattle would be making as commission. For life, as long as Marie is running the experience, you will receive 50% of what we earn!

The Tattle Ambassador Program is an investment into Tattle’s idea. If you find and sign up multiple hosts who run their experiences on a regular basis, this could pay dividends for years to come.

If you referred one Host a week for a year, based on the industry averages for booking size and frequency, you could be earning $3000 per month off of our Tattle Ambassador program alone! See below for sample calculation.

Industry Averages
Average Booking Size4
Price per person$50
Number of bookings per month5
Hosts referred5102550
Potential monthly earnings$300$600$1500$3000

In summary:

Your job is to find suitable people who are willing to create or post an experience, explain the concept to them, and help them become a Tattle host.

You will receive 50% of Tattle’s earnings from every booking of the host that you referred.

How do you become a Tattle Ambassador?

  1. Apply to become a Tattle Ambassador.
  2. We will schedule a time to meet with you.
  3. You may ask us questions or get more details about Tattle and its future plans.
  4. We will enrol you into the Tattle Ambassador program.

When and how am I getting paid when I become an ambassador?

  1. Your compensation occurs when the host you referred successfully runs an experience with booking on
  2. Tattle team will send you the money via Interac e-transfer or Paypal, whichever way you prefer. This will happen at the same time host receives his/her payout.

I found someone who is interested in becoming a host, what should I do?

  1. Ask the new host to sign up
  2. Fill out the Refer a Host form with your host’s details to take credit for the host
  3. When we contact the host for verification, we will confirm that they signed up through your referral
  4. Host starts receiving bookings, and you start receiving your share of the revenue.

Have questions about Tattle? Check out the FAQ page. Or feel free to email us with your questions. Apply to become an ambassador today!

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