Tattle Ambassador Help: How to Identify a Potential Host

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As a Tattle ambassador, your job is to identify potential hosts for Tattle and get them signed up with Tattle, creating new travel experiences across the globe – but a lot of you will be asking, “What exactly does a potential host look like? How do I know where to start?”

Don’t worry, we’re happy to give you a lot of tips to give you some ideas!

Generally, to find a good host, you want to consider what job they do, and what kind of personality they have.


Tour Guides and Tour Operator Owners

Tour guides and owners of tour businesses are obvious people to ask. They’ll definitely have the “running the experience” part down – they’ve probably be doing it for a while, and it will be fairly easy for them to submit their experience for Tattle.

But on the other hand, people who don’t work in tourism full-time might be able to come up with more niche or unusual experiences that aren’t well covered by traditional tourism businesses yet. At Tattle, we’re pleased to have a mix of full-time hosts who represent tourism businesses, and regular people who want to run experiences as a side hustle.

Small Business Owners – Restaurants, Tea Shops, Art Studios

What often works out well is having entrepreneurs or businesses who aren’t in the conventional tourism industry create experiences – the tourism industry is growing. Is the business not reaching its full capacity? Or perhaps they want to reach new markets? Tattle could be an excellent way for the business to experiment with new income streams! For example, consider asking:

  • A restaurant owner or chef could create an incredible cooking class
  • The head of a dance studio to create an introductory lesson for people who have never tried dancing before
  • A tea shop owner to create an activity demonstrating how they make their teas

Freelancers and Self-Employed People

Creating a Tattle Experience can be a big commitment – people have to work out a lot of details and make themselves available on a schedule which could be fairly irregular. So why not try asking people who are already used to irregular gigs? Try asking:

  • A photographer to run a photo tour: take people to scenic spots and help them take stunning shots they can show their friends on Instagram
  • A musician to run a lesson where they can introduce people to their instrument or style of playing

Other Traits

Hosting an experience involves entertaining people from around the world. So even if you find someone that has “the right occupation”, you also want to look for people with certain personality traits.

They’re Outgoing

Tattle is all about creating authentic experiences and real connections. Someone with a friendly and easy personality will have a much easier time getting to know their guests, making for a better time for all involved.

They’re Curious

Some people really enjoy their city – maybe they post pictures of it all the time on Instagram, or they’re always out and about trying new restaurants, new tea shops, new outdoor activities. These are the people we’re looking for – through Tattle they will have a chance to show off their city to visitors.

They’re Passionate About Something Shareable and Interesting to Travellers

Everyone has passions, but not ALL passions can be easily shared with others. Hiking, cooking, and photography are all examples of activities someone might be interested in exploring on their travels. Other passions might be more niche – an experience built solving Rubik’s Cubes, for example, is something that we could still accept, but it might be less appealing to travellers.

Popular Experiences

You could also look at what kinds of experiences are popular! According to a report of experiential travel trends conducted by Tripadvisor, the fastest growing types of experiences in 2018 were food tours, water sports, and cultural walking tours. Do you know someone who always knows the best places to eat and takes you and your friends to great dining experiences all the time? Or is there someone you know who’s a history buff and can tell you stories about how your city became what it is today?

Some common examples of experiences are:

  1. Photo tours run by a professional or hobbyist photographer – takes guests to scenic spots and helps them get a great shot that they can use to cherish the memories of their vacation or wow their friends
  2. Classes – some activities like ice skating, surfing, or samba dancing can’t be found in every city. If you can find an instructor or facility that offers lessons in one of these areas, it could make a great experience
  3. “Sample our service” experiences – for example, a tea shop/coffee shop/brewery running a behind-the-scenes tour of its facility or a tasting for their product. Or a theatre club running an experience where guests get to try their hand at improv.

So at the end of the day …

What does this mean for you? It means that good hosts could be anywhere you look! You probably know a few yourself:
Do you have a friend who loves taking pictures in your city? Perfect.
Know somebody that knows the local music scene inside and out? Perfect.
Work with someone who loves food and knows the best restaurants around? Also perfect.

Hosts Have Questions?

Have you been reaching out to people you think would make great hosts, and they have questions for you? Point them to our FAQ page – and if you keep getting asked a question that we don’t have in our FAQ, please let us know and we’ll make sure to add it!

If you have any specific questions regarding the host on-boarding process or anything else to do with the Tattle Ambassador Program, send us an email at info@tattle.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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