What does a Tattle Experience look like?

Our team enjoying a cloudy day in Whistler, Canada.

A Tattle Experience is a carefully crafted experience hosted by a passionate local. It’s a window into the local culture – where you get to eat, play, live, and adventure the ways the locals do. Something much more authentic and down-to-earth than your conventional tour. But beyond that? It could be anything.

It could be a tour around Vancouver featuring unique eateries that showcase Vancouver’s food culture from a local food enthusiast with a deep knowledge of the city’s culinary history.

It could be a three-day hike through the Grand Canyon with a geological expert with a love for the outdoors.

Or even a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps followed by a day of extreme sports with a certified local guide with years of experience in the area.

So why are all of these considered valid experiences for Tattle? Because they all share one unique feature: a knowledgeable host who can provide you a unique, local, authentic view on your experience. A Tattle Host is someone you can share stories with and form a real human connection with them while you’re on your experience.

On Tattle, you’ll find a variety of experiences designed for all different types of people, with different activities, lengths, and difficulties – but one thing is guaranteed. This is a unique experience that you won’t get with anyone else.

In order to maintain this level of quality, we review all experience submissions to ensure they meet our standards. Is the experience unique? Is it an experience where having an “expert” guide enhances the experience? Does the host connect with people easily? Are they passionate about the subject?

For example, “a walk around the downtown area” normally wouldn’t qualify – travellers can do that on their own. But if, as a knowledgeable local, you can take people to hole-in-the-wall joints or tell them some personal stories about the history of the city, then we’ll be happy to have you as a Tattle host!

What we’re looking for What wouldn’t work on our platform?
  • Knowledgeable and passionate hosts
  • who accompany the tourists during the experience
  • Immersive or hands-on activities
  • Access to special places and communities
  • A unique perspective from the host
  • Events with no hosts (i.e. concert tickets)
  • Impersonal/large group tours
  • without a meaningful human connection
  • A service (i.e. hotel transport)
  • Something your guest can do solo
  • without your help

Become A Host Today!

Would you like to start hosting Tattle Experiences? Find out more on our Become A Host page – we’re recruiting hosts from both Canada and South-East Asia for our international launch in 2020.

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