Tips & Tricks for Being the Ultimate Tattle Experience Host

With Tattle’s official platform launching in early 2020, the potential for you as a host to get exposure and obtain bookings is going to increase exponentially – so we decided to create a list of tips and tricks to make sure that you can make the most of your experience! Below are the top 6 tips and tricks for being the ultimate experience host on Tattle:

Top 6 Tips and Tricks

6. During the experience, give your guests additional information about the area that they can use on their own. Chances are that the end of the experience may not be the end of the guests’ day, and as such they will be looking for more things to do – especially around the area where the experience itself ends. By giving your guests additional information about the areas you pass through, you can give them so much more out of the experience. It also provides a great chance to learn more about your guest (as you can ask personal questions about things like food preference or favourite activities) and form a better connection with them through casual but helpful conversation

5. Reviews are important in the decision-making process for potential guests. So if you’re just starting out – consider discounting your price until you have a solid number of positive reviews. People want to know they’re getting the best experience possible, but unfortunately their only way of identifying that is to read the opinions of those who did the experience before them. You won’t make as much in the early going, but in the long term, good reviews will improve your chances of getting bookings and make you even more money!

4. Always deliver a bit more than you promised in the listing. This ties directly into the tip above in that people come expecting what you told them in the description, making that the “minimally-acceptable” delivery for the experience. If you go above and beyond that while executing the experience, people will walk away feeling like they got much more value for their money – leading to more favourable reviews!

3. Do something unique with your experience. The top performing experiences across all platforms all have one similar aspect – you can’t find someone else doing things the same way. Whether that comes from your passion and experience in the subject or simply the execution of the experience, it’s important to do some research into similar experiences to find what you can bring to the table that they don’t!

2. Consider your target market and ideal guests while crafting the experience and its description. For example – If you’re trying to market towards creative types with a photography experience, make sure your description is written specifically to appeal to their sensibilities, through both dialect (how you say things) and content (what you say/offer). A creative person with a big passion for photography might enjoy something more casual and free-flowing compared to someone trying to get to the top of a mountain by mid-day.

1. Be you. When someone books a Tattle experience, they don’t just do it for the activities – they want a host that they can relate with and enjoy spending their time with. Let your personality shine through on your written content so that the guest can easily get a glimpse of what you’re like by reading it. After all, this is your experience – and you are the key that unlocks the door to a whole new perspective.

Keep these tricks in mind while creating your Tattle Experience and you’ll become a great host in no time! Click here for our tips on getting started! To see what people in your area are offering, check out experiences near you now!

WANTED – Vietnam Hosts for our Next Round of Filming

After Malaysia, Tattle’s filming crews will be heading to Vietnam for more videos of great local experiences! Each video will feature a different local experience host, running an experience for Tattle’s filming crew.

If you live in Vietnam (or you know anyone who does) and think you have a special experience to share, whether that’s a food tour, photo tour, walking tour, or artistic experience – we’d be happy to add the experience to our marketplace, and film a 3-minute promotional video with you.

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