Tattler Tips: Mexican Food in Vancouver

Tattler Tips is a series of articles written by passionate locals, providing their own unique perspectives on things they love about their cities. This one is written by Vivian Davidson, a foodie in Vancouver, Canada, who has been with us since our early days as Secret Informant!

I come from a very eclectic cultural background, mostly European – my father is German and Scottish, and my mother is French and Spanish. I lived in many countries growing up including Mexico, the US, and Canada, but have proudly called Vancouver my home for over 15 wonderful years! Growing up I shadowed my excellent chef of a mother in the kitchen and learned a lot from her – not only about how to cook food from all over the world, but also about how important culture and social factors are when understanding, making and enjoying any meal that is made.

My mom taught me to love the process of cooking, as well as the enjoyment of trying different foods from around the world. It is no surprise that I am self-proclaimed foodie who loves to frequent unique, different and varied restaurants in Vancouver, a city that is as multi-cultural as it is beautiful. I chose to write about Mexican restaurants because I spent several years living in Mexico, and my mom really enjoys cooking the cuisine a lot and so we would often make delicious Mexican dishes together, where she would methodically teach me to make and thoroughly detail in terms of the dish’s cultural and historical relevance.

The restaurants I recommend are the following:

The Mexican Antojitos Y Cantina

Here, I recommend three dishes. The first one is called ‘La Parrillada’ (The Barbeque), and offers an array of varied food items that are very popular and common food staples in Mexico – such as grilled cactus leaf. The second dish I recommend is the ‘Enchiladas’, a folded corn tortilla filled generally with chicken and covered in a chile sauce with some sour cream and fresh Mexican-style fresh cheese or ‘queso fresco’. Finally, I recommend the Chile Relleno which is a beef and rice stuffed poblano chile that is commonly served with either pureed black bean sauce or a pureed chile sauce.

La Taqueria

At La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop, the tacos are the main attraction, and rightly so. From simple slow cooked pork tacos called ‘Carnitas’ to the more exotic and Mexican-inspired ‘Mole’ which is a chocolate, spices, nuts and seeds sauce, one can find a variety of fillings to suit anyone’s tastes. There is even a corn/zucchini taco that is sure to please the vegetarian foodies!

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