WANTED – Japan Hosts for our Next Round of Filming

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EDIT: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to film in Japan have been suspended. Please check back after the outbreak subsides for more information.

Tattle’s crew will be heading to Japan in spring 2020 for more videos of great local experiences! Each video will feature a different local experience host, running an experience for Tattle’s filming crew.

If you live in Japan (or you know anyone who does) and think you have a special experience to share, whether that’s a food tour, photo tour, walking tour, or artistic experience – we’d be happy to add the experience to our marketplace, and film a 3-minute promotional video with you.


  1. You must be willing to appear on camera, and be available during our filming period (around late April to late May)
  2. Tattle will cover all costs for the filming crew. In exchange for your time, we will make and promote a 3-minute video of your experience in cooperation with our partner, Prodigee Media, which we will release in English- and Chinese-language markets.
  3. You should have some unique knowledge or perspective to offer – we’d like to be taken to places or do activities that most tourists might not know about, or might not feel comfortable exploring on their own.
  4. You must be able to speak either English or Mandarin fluently. (If not, you must provide an interpreter)
  5. You may list your experience on the Tattle app’s marketplace after the filming. At the end of the video, we will provide a link so viewers can request your tour or experience for themselves using the Tattle app (the price you charge is up to you), and all you need to do is answer these requests in a timely manner!
  6. Note: Please check our list of sensitive topics, you may wish to avoid including these things in your experience.

Filming will take place between in April and May. If you are interested, or know anyone who is interested, please let us know by 1 April. You may apply here – please let us know in the comments that you’d like to film with us!

Here’s a sample video for your viewing pleasure, filmed in Malaysia:

2 Replies to “WANTED – Japan Hosts for our Next Round of Filming”

  1. Dear company
    I would like to introduce myself: I’m Hai – I am a tour guide and director of Original Easy Rider Vietnam. Through the article of your website, I believe that I am one of the most suitable options for the above requirements.
    Firstly, I would like to briefly outline about myself and my job: I have 15 years of experience working as a private tour guide serving the English-speaking tourist community. Mostly the tours that I undertake are motorized tours (often called Easy Rider tours) and jeeps. Unlike other types of tours, the goal that I pursue and passionis to bring a different experiencefor visitors, and being a tour guide, I must be a friend, an ambassador of the country to connect visitors with the life, culture, history, cuisine and people of my country – Vietnam. We go into the villages, farms, the roads that big tours often overlook, especially around Dalat and the Central Highlands, we exchange and transmit with customers – friends – all the topics they are interested in or find myself needing to convey. With all that time, I believe I have enough experience and knowledge to become a storyteller
    After 10 years of experience as a guide, I am a generation of well-trained Easy Rider, I realize the disadvantages and shortcomings of the guide community as well as the market for cultural tours like me, having been abandoned. I decided to set up a company with the motto to the best meet the needs, providing valuable experiences for customers who want to join the type of tourism like us. (You can also follow this link at the end of this email to see the results of these efforts are evaluated by customers)
    Back to your request, we think an Easy Rider tour around Dalat and the surrounding area would be a good choice. For the following reasons:
    – Easy Rider is the most unique type of tour in Vietnam and was born in DaLat (I am a descendant of one of the beginners so I chose the brand as Original)
    – Tour program guides tourists to visit the most unique features of the culture and natural landscape of the Central Highlands region.
    – Tour is a harmonious combination of everything, you can consider our tour as a summary of all the experiences that visitors will have in Vietnam: history, culture, religion, economy, nation…
    I would be happy if your company would respond to me after reading this email
    Thank you for your time
    My company website: https://vietnameasyridertours.com/
    On Tripadvisor:

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