Tattle Ambassadors

Do you know passionate people who would make a fantastic experience Host?

Does finding hidden gems in your city get you all excited?

Do you love Tattle’s vision and want to help us grow our offerings?

Introducing … the Tattle Ambassador Program!

1. Find Amazing Hosts

As an ambassador, we’re counting on you to identify enthusiastic people who would love to host an experience with Tattle! Once you find a great host who is interested in Tattle, please ask them to sign up. After that, don’t forget to submit their name and contact info here to take credit for finding this host!

2 … A Wild Experience Appears

When your Host has signed up and submitted their experience proposal, we’ll review it according to our normal procedures. If we approve it, congratulations – you’ve just helped us add an amazing experience to our collection that everyone can try!

3. We Split our Revenue with You

Yes, you read that right. To express our appreciation to you for finding another amazing host, we will award you half of all revenues we make from the experiences you added to our collection. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. You can sit back and watch the cash roll in. If the experience you help us find is a big hit, you could be making thousands!

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