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Become a Tattle Host

Become a Tattle Host
What makes an experience?

Walking tours? Cooking classes? Yoga sessions? Snowboarding? Going to your favourite hidden eatery? All good choices.

We want you to be free to showcase your passions or your city to the world, so do whatever you feel fits!

Why host on Tattle?

Do you have a passion for something, and you just can’t help but tell everyone about it?

By hosting a Tattle Experience, you get to share your passions, on your own time, with people from around the world. It might start out as a side gig … but if you have something great, the sky’s the limit!

Be Your Own Boss

Have a busy schedule? Whether you’re constantly available or bookings need to be requested in advance, Tattle is here to make the process easy for you.

Tattle allows you to customize details like when you’re available, how much you get paid, and how big your groups will be.

Becoming a Host is as easy as 1-2-3!

Sign Up For An Account

Fill out our form in order to apply to become a Tattle host! You will receive a notification upon being approved by a Tattle moderator.

Create Your Experience

Share your passion with interested parties from all over the world! You are given control over every detail from the activity details to the scheduling, so you can have as much fun hosting the experience as your guests will have joining you!

Welcome Your Guest

Once your experience has been approved, it will be listed on the website for potential guests to book! You can use our messaging system to ensure great communication with guests before the experience. Just remember – have fun with it!

Sound interesting, but you’re not quite ready to sign up yet?

Book a time to chat with us and learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a host?

A host is the person organizes and runs an experience for Tattle users to enjoy.

Who can host an experience on Tattle?

We welcome any local with a passion or knowledge that they want to share with other people to sign up as a host.

Can people who aren’t professional tour guides sign up as hosts?

Yes! We encourage people from all walks of life to become a host – you’re welcome to join even if you can only spare a few hours per week to run experiences. As we believe that your background and your experiences make you the person you are, we want to offer a wide variety of hosts.

Can professional tour guides and tour operators participate as hosts?

Yes! If you’ve decided to work in the tourism industry – we know you love your city and want to share it with the world. As long as the tours or activities you run meet our experience standards, we’re happy to have you onboard!

What kinds of tours and experiences can be listed on Tattle?

Experiences come in many categories. Here’s some ideas:

  • A guided hike that leads to breathtaking views
  • A class in yoga, dance, kayaking, sailing, cooking, etc.
  • Inviting someone to your home for a special dinner that showcases your culture
  • A historical walking tour where you explain stories about the city’s history that even the locals might not know
  • Photo tours where you show your guests some unique spots with that perfect picture that will leave your friends wondering how to go there as well

How do I become a Tattle host?

Visit our signup page to share your experience idea with us. We’ll get in touch with you, give you your account login, and set you up to become a host.

How do I calculate the right price for my experience?

First of all, you should take into account the amount you’ll need to spend to set up the experience, then add a reasonable amount of pay for the time you’re spending hosting the experience.
Create an initial estimate to what you feel is a fair price, and you can always compare with similar activities that others may be hosting online.
Ultimately, it’s up to the market – if you can convince people your experience is worth $200, then by all means charge $200!
If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

Are there any costs to list my experience on Tattle?

Listing your experience is completely free. When someone books your experience on Tattle, we will take 15% of what the customer pays as a commission.

I don’t know where to start

We’re happy to help – sign up as a host here. After completing the signup form, you can schedule a time to have a call with us to learn more.

Can I set requirements for guests to attend my experience? (age, # of guests, etc.)

You may set your group size in your experience details.

If your experience includes activities which are age-limited (for instance, a brewery tour that requires guests to be the legal drinking age), you may specify an age requirement. However, arbitrary discrimination against a protected group (as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act) is not allowed – our platform is all about embracing other people.

Why do I have to complete a verification process in order to become a Tattle host?

We verify our hosts’ identity because we are dedicated to ensuring our platform is not used for fraudulent purposes. Verifying allows guests to have confidence and trust that you will provide a good experience.