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What is an experience?

An experience is a short (1-12 hours) tour, activity, or adventure that guests from all around the world will do together with you.
Here on the coast of BC, we are blessed with incredible mountains and oceans, great food, and a diverse mosaic of cultures. So outdoor adventures, cooking, or walking through your favourite cultural neighbourhood are all great ideas that will be a hit!

Why host an experience?

What’s your passion? Imagine what you love to do most – cooking? fishing? skiing? sailing? Now imagine you could make a bit of extra cash while doing it. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!
Widen your horizons: connect cultures and break boundaries by challenging yourself and inspiring others

Be in charge

Set your schedule, name your price.

Have a busy schedule? Don’t worry – as a Tattler, you’re the boss. You decide when you want to host an experience, and how much you get paid.

Don’t know your schedule yet, or can’t commit right away? You can create your experience first, and you’ll get notified whenever someone requests your experience. You’ll still be able to decline if you don’t have time that week.

Here’s how to become a Tattler:

Sign up as a Tattler

Create a supplier account here

Go through review

A Tattle staff member will be in touch with you to go over the Code of Conduct and other legal terms, and make sure you understand how our service works. If you’re planning to create experiences that require specialized skills (e.g. skiing lessons), you may be asked to verify that you have the right license or training.

Create your experience

After review, your account will be activated and you will be able to go admin.tattle.com to submit details for your experience.

Share your passion and meet new people

Start receiving awesome guests! You’ll get paid after each experience you host.

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