How is Tattle transforming travel?

The tour we booked at our hotel seemed like a reasonable deal – it included a cool activity, transportation to and from the starting point, and a “party” with complimentary drinks. However, upon arriving at the venue after a long 30-person bus ride and “enjoying” our watered down alcoholic punch, our eyes drifted to the pricing board – not only did the venue offer free transportation for small groups, but the entire experience cost only a small fraction of what we had paid for the “all-inclusive” tour. After waiting for the stragglers of the group to get back on our bus, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the whole experience as we rode back in silence.

How many of you have ever felt that way?

As travellers ourselves, we want to see the world as it is – something that the traditional tour package never quite managed to achieve in our eyes. Too often, a travel company just gives you a 5-day tour where they plan out the entire itinerary. Sure, there’s lots of people that are happy with that, but that’s not us.

Even when we buy a partner tour from a hotel or cruise line – they just put us on a bus to an attraction and let their guides show us around, while charging an exorbitant price. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find locals who were willing to provide us a more authentic local experience? More down-to-earth, more personal, where you could truly see your destination like a local – what these big companies claimed to offer, but just never could?

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Wanted: Experience hosts in Malaysia to film with us!

Tattle is pleased to announce that in early 2020, we will be releasing a new batch of videos featuring travel experiences in Malaysia! Each video will feature a different local experience host, running an experience for Tattle staff members who will be visiting the country soon.

If you live in Malaysia (or you know anyone who does) and think you have a special experience to share, whether that’s a food tour, photo tour, walking tour, or artistic experience – we’d be happy to add the experience to our marketplace, and film a 3-minute promotional video with you.

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Hello world!

Hi, we are Tattle, and we’re on a mission to bring the world together and create a community that yearns to appreciate each other’s cultures. Our new website’s about to see the light of day. Here’s to many years of fun adventures with amazing locals all over the world! 🙂