Code of Conduct for Hosts

Last updated: 2018-11-19

When you host an experience with Tattle, you are expected to behave professionally towards your Guests. 

  1. Hosts shall be responsible. This includes:
    • ensuring your guests know where to meet and arriving at the meeting point early
    • protecting the safety of your Guests and warning them about hazards
    • ensuring that any third parties are ready to deliver their part of the experience. (For example, if your experience includes a restaurant, you must ensure they are open and you will have a table)
  2. Hosts shall show integrity. This includes:
    • delivering the experience as advertised,
    • delivering for the advertised price, neither expecting nor asking for tips
    • providing information and answering Guests’ questions truthfully to the best of your ability
    • communicating with your Guests promptly if for any reason, your experience cannot be delivered as advertised
  3. Hosts shall be respectful. This includes:
    • being polite to Guests and making everyone feel included
    • showing sensitivity to special needs (e.g. food allergies) or cultural differences
    • avoiding damage to the natural environment
    • abiding by the law
  4. Under no circumstances will you fail to show up for an experience without warning, harass or demean your guests, or discriminate on a prohibited ground under the law. Doing any of these is grounds for Tattle to withhold your earnings and refund the guest, subject to the terms of Section 11 of the User Agreement.