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What is an experience?

An experience is a short (1-12 hours) tour, activity, or adventure that guests from all around the world will do together with you.

Here on the coast of BC, we are blessed with incredible mountains and oceans, great food, and a diverse mosaic of cultures. So outdoor adventures, cooking, or walking through your favourite cultural neighbourhood are all great ideas that will be a hit!


Earn Money

Earn Money

What's your passion? Imagine what you love to do most - cooking? fishing? skiing? sailing? Now imagine you could make a bit of extra cash while doing it. Yeah, it's pretty awesome!

Why host an experience?

Meet People

Meet People

The Tattle guests are a mix of local people and international travelers. This way you can meet people from all over the world and create lifelong memories!


Free Platform

Free Platform

An easy to use platform to show your offers and manage your bookings. Promoting your offer on the platform is free. We will only charge a "keep the lights on" fee of ~15% for successful bookings


Set your schedule, name your price. Have a busy schedule? Don't worry - as a Host, you're the boss. You decide when you want to host an experience, and how much you get paid. Don't know your schedule yet, or can't commit right away? You can create your experience first, and you'll get notified whenever someone requests your experience. You'll still be able to decline if you don't have time that week.
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