Here’s the info you need to create an experience

To create an experience on the Tattle app, you will need to provide the following information. Private indicates information you will need to provide, but which is not made public – for everything else, it will be visible on the profile page for your experience.

Host details:

  • Your name
  • A profile photo – with your face clearly visible
  • Your nationality and location of residence
  • A brief bio that tells people who you are, and why you make a good host:
    1. Tourists love choosing people they can relate to, so feel free to talk about some of your hobbies.
    2. It also helps to mention credentials that relate to your experience – if you’re running a food tour, knowing that you are a food critic or a chef will give you added credibility!

Private: You will also need to provide a phone number and email to Tattle so that we may contact you in the future to arrange experiences, and upload a scan of an identification card to verify your identity.

Experience title. Very important – this is the first thing people will see when they are searching for experiences on the Tattle app. You want to describe what your experience is in an attractive way, in less than 10 words.

Experience category: You will be given a choice of categories to tag your experience with. Some common examples are:

  • Food tours
  • Water experiences (e.g. paddling, fishing)
  • Nature (e.g. hikes, climbing)
  • Historical/Cultural (e.g. museum tours)

You may choose more than one category. These will help travellers find your experience – our testing has shown that most travellers use the category filter to narrow down the experiences they’re looking for!

Other experience details:

  • Language: Which languages will the experience be available in?
  • Meeting location: Where will you meet your guests? Many cities have a downtown core or tourist area where the majority of travellers will be staying. If your meeting location isn’t in this area, you may wish to specify in the notes whether public transit or ride-hailing services are available to get to your meeting spot.
  • Instant Booking (on/off): If you turn instant booking on, then travellers will be able to book a time with you without further confirmation. If it is turned off, you will get notified and have a chance to accept or decline the traveller’s proposed time.
  • Transportation Provided: Will you be driving the guests? Taking a bus with them? etc.
  • Equipment Provided: If your experience requires equipment (e.g. skis, paddles), will you provide it or do travellers have to bring/rent their own?
  • Age Limits (if applicable)
  • Number of Participants: min/max number of people you want to take
  • Price: You may set a price per person, or a variable pricing where you’ll offer discounts if there are more people
  • Notice Requirements: How much notice do you need if someone wants to book your experience? Also, can you offer a refund if they cancel early enough?
  • Schedule: What days of the week, and times of day, are you available to run your experience?
  • Seasonality: Is your experience available year round, or only at certain times of year?
  • Length of Experience: How long does your experience take?