FAQ – Old Tattle App

Warning: This information relates to the old version of the Tattle app which was made available for testing in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to launch an updated Tattle app has been suspended indefinitely. Please note that the information contained in this FAQ may not be relevant or up to date.

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General Questions

What is Tattle?

Tattle is a two-sided marketplace that promotes experiences hosted by locals. As a traveler, you can find an experience you love and book a time for it – and as a local, you can host an experience and earn income while doing what you love.

What is an experience?

An experience is a tour, activity, or adventure hosted by a local. Each experience explores something special about a city or culture; or features something that the host is passionate and knowledgeable about.

On our experiences page, you’ll find everything from outdoor adventures to cooking classes, from walking tours to live music – so there’s an experience to suit everyone.

How is a Tattle Experience different from traditional tours?

All the experiences we post are designed to be down-to-earth and personal – you’ll get a chance to chat with the host and the other guests and hear their stories. Instead of a commercialized tour that takes you to the biggest tourist traps, you’ll get to experience a city the way locals experience it, and discover hidden gems.

With Tattle, it’s more than a tour – it’s a chance to meet fantastic people and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Where is Tattle available?

Tattle is currently in a beta phase, and offers experiences in and around Vancouver, Canada.

After our official launch in early 2020, we will start adding locations around the world, especially focusing on South-East Asian destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei, or Singapore.

What are the quality standards for Tattle experiences?

Each of our hosts goes through an interview process where we ensure that:

  • They are thoroughly familiar with the subject of their experience
  • They understand their responsibilities under our Code of Conduct
  • They are committed to our goal of personalized experiences which let people share their stories

Why was Tattle founded?

We live in a world where distrust between people of different nations, cultures, and groups is a major concern. So we wanted to create a fun way to learn more about other cultures, and ultimately to embrace the peoples of the world in all their diversity. Learn more here!

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