FAQ for Ambassadors

What is a Tattle Ambassador?

A Tattle Ambassador is someone who represents and promotes Tattle to neighbours, friends, colleagues, social circles, or anyone else around them. As an Ambassador, you’ll be asked to refer people you know who you think would make a great experience host – if any of them sign up and start running experiences, you’ll get a referral bonus.

Who can be a Tattle Ambassador?

Anyone can be an ambassador, as long as you love what we’re doing to change the world of travel, and you’d be happy to help us grow our community.

Being well-connected is an asset, of course, but it’s not required.

How do I refer a host to Tattle?

First of all, we recommend you speak to the host you want to refer and confirm that they’re interested in Tattle. You can use this form to enter the host’s contact information and take credit for making the referral. Please note that just sending us the host’s contact details isn’t enough; you don’t get credit for a successful referral until your host actually signs up. If you know your host personally, it may be easiest to go through the signup form with them.

Once your referred host starts selling tickets for his/her experience, we will reward you with a share of our cut. Learn more here!

I don’t know where to start – what is Tattle looking for in a host?

A host is any person who wants to run a tour, experience, or activity that travellers would find interesting, and lets them explore how the locals live.

Why does Tattle want to find hosts?

Too often, when people go on tours, they’re loaded on a bus and taken to a bunch of popular tourist traps, so the experience they get is fairly limited and might be overpriced too. But on the other hand, most people wouldn’t want to spend lots of time researching exactly what they’re going to do or how to behave in the local culture. At Tattle, we’re offering a third option – flexible, customized experiences run by locals. The idea is that you get something authentic, and get to see how the locals live, and explore lesser-known but amazing spots, but you don’t have to put in as much time to do your research anymore. And best of all – you’re going to make a new local friend!

So when you, the ambassador, help us find local hosts who know their stuff, you’re making this whole system possible!

I need some ideas – what kinds of people can I refer as Tattle hosts?

Tour guides, food and drink enthusiasts, photographers, outdoor adventurers, and instructors are all great examples of people who could make a great Tattle host. According to a recent study from Tripadvisor, food tours, water adventures, and cultural walking tours are three of the fastest-growing sectors of the travel industry – so you can be confident there will be a demand for these experiences.

Beyond that, if you know someone who’s running their own business or is freelancing, and they’re really dedicated to a craft (and that could be anything from winemaking to calligraphy to playing a musical instrument) – those are often the best kinds of experiences!

What do I get for being an ambassador?

You’ll get to join a community of like-minded people around the world, who want to work with Tattle to transform how people travel. Best of all, our Revenue Sharing program will pay you a referral bonus (which is half of what we earn!) whenever your host sells tickets for their experience – forever.

When should I expect to start earning income?

You will begin earning income as soon as your host receives bookings for their experience. Tattle currently only sells experiences in Canada, but our app will launch globally in early 2020. Once the app is live in your host’s country, it will be possible to start earning income.

Can I refer hosts from countries that Tattle isn’t serving yet?

You are definitely allowed to refer hosts from countries we don’t currently serve yet – you’ll just have to be patient. Once we start operating in their country, we will reach out to them to sign them up as a Tattle host. If they agree to become a host, you will get credit for the experiences they create.

The referral bonus sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

At Tattle, we know our app and platform are only as good as the hosts who are on it, and we know you can help us find some great hosts. And if you’ve ever tried to start a new company, the hardest part is the first couple years when you’re trying to get up and running. We can’t do it without you, so we’re giving you a sweet deal.

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