Frequently Asked Questions

For Video Creators

What services does Tattle provide for video creators?

Put simply, Tattle helps creators enter the largest market in the world – China. We provide translation, curation, legal, and business development support to monetize content in China, so creators like you can get extra funding to support you in creating the content you’re so passionate about!

Why explore China?

Due to government protectionism, Youtube is not accessible to the 1 billion Internet users in China. If you’re only uploading videos to US-based platforms, one out of every four Internet users around the world can’t watch them. You’ve worked hard to create your videos – why not make them available to everyone around the world?

Is there a lot of potential in the Chinese market?

With 1.4 billion people, a rapidly-growing middle class that is increasingly online, and the advent of high-speed 5G mobile technology, the market for online videos in China is exploding! In 2019 it was worth 130 billion yuan (US$20 billion), and it has been growing by 30% each year! Every month, Chinese viewers watch 30 billion videos totalling 5 billion hours of watch time.

Are my videos uploaded on my channel, or on Tattle’s?

Everything we do is to help you build your brand in China, so we will create a channel under your brand on major Chinese platforms, and upload videos under your name.

What languages does Tattle offer translation for?

At the moment, we only support English-to-Chinese translation. We do plan on supporting creators who make videos in other languages in the future – stay tuned for updates!

How to Make Revenue

How much ad revenue can I expect to make?

This depends on a lot of factors, including how appealing your topic or target audience is to advertisers, how frequently you upload, and how long your videos are. On average, a thriving channel which uploads twice a week and receives half a million views per video across all platforms will generate around US$2000 per month in ad revenue.

How much sponsor revenue can I expect to make?

Keep in mind that it may take several months to years to build a target audience that sponsors are willing to pay big bucks to reach. But after your channel is getting a lot of traction, sponsor revenues can net you in the ballpark of US$10k per month.

How do I make money from distribution fees?

If you have a channel that posts longer (15-30 minute) videos, a Chinese TV station or streaming platform may choose to buy the rights to your content.

What is your business model?

We operate on a revenue sharing basis. Since we have skin in the game, you be confident that we’ll work hard to promote your channel – if your channel doesn’t make money, we don’t make money either.

What are the revenue sharing percentages?

Typically, Tattle’s cut ranges from 30% (for a basic package) to 60% (if you ask for a comprehensive package where we provide a lot more services to help you grow your channel). But please feel free to schedule a consultation call with us to get a custom quote for your channel!

Why do you have to such a big chunk? Aren’t you just licensing our videos?

Keep in mind that we’re not just licensing your videos, we also:

  • Do translation and subtitling/dubbing so viewers in China can understand your content
  • Actively reach out to major companies in China to find sponsors with a similar target audience to you
  • Screen your content to identify issues which may cause your content to be demonetized or banned from Chinese platforms (let’s face it, many legitimate topics on Youtube are considered sensitive in China)
  • Provide legal services in case you face IP disputes or copyright claims in China

Protecting Your Brand

How much control do I have about how my brand is used in China?

Before you sign any agreement with Tattle, we will be clear about what channels we will upload your videos on, and how your brand will be used. We will not use your brand in any other way without your consent. You may give us notice to withdraw from the agreement at any time if you are not satisfied.

Will you be making social media posts or engaging with viewers on our behalf?

In our basic package, we will just be posting videos for you on the various Chinese platforms. If you would like us to also manage your social media presence in China, there will be a charge. Please contact us for more details.

How do I check how well my videos are doing?

While all the platforms we work with have analytics dashboards, these are only available in the Chinese language. We’re happy to send you screenshots with translations on a regular basis whenever you request this data.

What if I don’t want my brand to be associated with ____ (insert Chinese company). Will I have full control over which sponsors you find me?

We fully recognize that it’s your content, and you have the right to decide which sponsorship offers to take. While we will always be on the lookout for sponsors that are appropriate to your channel, if you are not comfortable taking the offer you are always free to decline.

Legal Issues

Does Tattle require exclusive rights for my content?

This is not mandatory, but it can be helpful (see the next question)

I notice that people are uploading my content on Chinese platforms like Bilibili without my permission. How can I get them taken down?

Chinese platforms are generally willing to enforce copyright only if there is a clear-cut case of infringement. Typically we would only be able to demonstrate this if you assign us exclusive distribution rights in China.

Does Tattle have any rights to my content outside of China?

Our agreement only gives us the rights to distribute your content on Chinese platforms. You will retain the rights to distribute your content on any platform not based in China.

Can you trademark my brand in China?

Yes, this is a service we offer – please contact us to get a quote for legal fees.