General FAQ

Tattle is a new travel startup that’s all about experiences that connect people together. Connecting people who love to try new things with people who love to share their own culture and passion.

Use our online platform to find an experience to do when you’re traveling, or for an unforgivable night out with that special someone.

Each experience is hosted by a passionate local who wants to help you explore the city or expose you to something they love doing.

A Tattle experience is a tour, activity, class, or adventure that introduces you to something special about the city or the people that live there. Each one is hosted by an enthusiastic local called a Tattler. Most experiences last for a couple hours, but they can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as an entire day.

A Tattle experience is more down-to-earth with smaller group sizes, so you’ll have the chance to get to connect with your host and the other guests. You get to take things at your own pace, see the hidden gems and special activities that conventional tours miss.

Currently, Tattle is focusing its efforts in Vancouver and Taipei. If you are elsewhere and wish to participate in the tourism revolution that is Tattle, please contact us as we are always expanding!

If you find a Tattle experience you’d love to try, you may easily book the experience on our web platform.

There are a few reasons why we might not be able to arrange your experience.

Some experiences are seasonal – you won’t be able to go whale-watching in February, or skiing in August.

Most of our Tattlers are adventurous people who love traveling themselves – they might just be out of town on a holiday.

Some experiences require a minimum group size to run – otherwise they will have to be cancelled.

FAQ For Tattlers (Hosts)

Anyone can be a Tattler! You don’t have to be a professional tour guide. All you need is a passion, hobby, knowledge, or anything that you’d love to share. A Tattler loves to meet new people and teach/show them about their passions. They host trips for others to experience and pride themselves on their hospitality. Sound like something you would love? Apply here!

Yes! If you run or work for a tour organization, you are welcome to become a Tattler. Note that, Tattle’s core is to connect people with people, we request that the profile must be of the actual person taking travelers on an experience.

The sky’s the limit, as long as it includes something you think is unique or special about your city. Maybe it’s an outdoor activity (like surfing) that the locals love to do. Maybe it’s a special kind of food (like salmon) you can’t find everywhere. Many of our experiences are food-related, but this isn’t a requirement.

We do request that all tours be completed within a single day (no overnight stays please – we’re not in the accommodations business).

By clicking on “List Your Experience” will take you to the login/signup page! If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you generate an exciting experience and walk you through the entire application process. Please let us know and we will be in contact with you. Talk to Us!

After signing up and going through the verification process, you’ll be able to access your very own dashboard where you will be able to create experiences as you desire. If you have any questions, we are always available to help! Talk to Us!

It’s easy! Simply use our flexible calendar system when creating an experience to indicate your availability and you’re good to go!

As the Tattler, you’re the boss – you tell us how much you want to make for each guest that comes to your experience.

After an experience has been completed, we will release your earnings to you within two weeks for security purposes for both you and your guests.

Listing experiences are completely free! But how do we keep the lights on? We charge a percentage based commission rate on booked experiences, so we only make money when you do. Determined by an algorithm, around 15%.

Ask us when you’re meeting with our staff to talk about becoming a Tattler, and we will discuss the necessary next steps. This will depend on such things as the availability of our professional film crew and the frequency and topic of your trip.

As frequently or infrequently as you would like – depending on your availability. You are the boss here!