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Tattle For Businesses

Are you in the tourism and hospitality business, or looking to market your services to travelers?

Tattle can bring international customers to your experience. As we expand our business and our user base grows, that will directly translate to more traffic for your business. Some businesses which have posted experiences with us include:

  • Tour guides running walking tours
  • A restaurant with cooking classes
  • A boating club offering sailing adventures

We are seeking memorable activities that introduce people to something special about your city. To be eligible for inclusion, the activity should be recurring and be hosted by a named person.

Why work with Tattle?

Flexible System

Tattle offers you a lot of flexibility in running your experience. There are a lot of customizing options for pricing and scheduling. You are always free to decline if you can’t get a big enough group size or don’t have enough time to prepare for an experience.

Video Marketing

We have a professional media team that films short videos to promote our experiences. Video content is a great way to expose your business to new audiences.

You Have a Say

We’ll be working on our platform to make it even easier to integrate into your current operations. We’re not a big corporation that’s set in our ways – so do you have a suggestion or request? We are committed to making sure you’re heard.

Joining Tattle is as easy as 1-2-3!

Sign Up For An Account

Fill out our form in order to apply to become a Tattle host! A Tattle staff member will reach out to you soon to talk about your experience plans!

Create Your Experience

On the experience creation page, add in all the details of your experience and upload some cool pictures. If you’re encountering any constraints with our platform, reach out to our support team and they will help you get set up!

Grow Your Customer Base

Once your experience has been approved, it will be listed on the website for potential guests to book! As we launch full-scale marketing campaigns in the future, your business may even be featured in our advertisements or videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a host?

A host is the person organizes and runs an experience for Tattle users to enjoy.

Who can host an experience on Tattle?

We welcome any local with a passion or knowledge that they want to share with other people to sign up as a host.

Can people who aren’t professional tour guides sign up as hosts?

Yes! We encourage people from all walks of life to become a host – you’re welcome to join even if you can only spare a few hours per week to run experiences. As we believe that your background and your experiences make you the person you are, we want to offer a wide variety of hosts.

Can professional tour guides and tour operators participate as hosts?

Yes! If you’ve decided to work in the tourism industry – we know you love your city and want to share it with the world. As long as the tours or activities you run meet our experience standards, we’re happy to have you onboard!

What kinds of tours and experiences can be listed on Tattle?

Experiences come in many categories. Here’s some ideas:

  • A guided hike that leads to breathtaking views
  • A class in yoga, dance, kayaking, sailing, cooking, etc.
  • Inviting someone to your home for a special dinner that showcases your culture
  • A historical walking tour where you explain stories about the city’s history that even the locals might not know
  • Photo tours where you show your guests some unique spots with that perfect picture that will leave your friends wondering how to go there as well

How do I become a Tattle host?

Visit our signup page to share your experience idea with us. We’ll get in touch with you, give you your account login, and set you up to become a host.

How often do I have to host experiences?

It’s completely up to you – you can set your own schedule, so you’re allowed to say no to hosting experiences if you’re not available that day.

However, many travelers are only in a city for a short time – so if you want to make the most of the platform, you should aim to be available to host at least once a week.

How does booking work?

When someone books your experience, you will receive an email with the date your guest wants the experience. You may accept or decline based on your availability for that date.

How does scheduling work?

If there are dates you know for sure you won’t be available, you may log in to your Host Console and mark them unavailable under “Calendar”. Users will not be able to book for those dates.
If your experience is scheduled for a particular time of day, you may enter that in your experience details under “Start Time”. Otherwise, you may write “My time is flexible” in your experience details.
If you run your experience more than once a day, you will need to create more than one category of ticket. Feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through that process.

How do I calculate the right price for my experience?

First of all, you should take into account the amount you’ll need to spend to set up the experience, then add a reasonable amount of pay for the time you’re spending hosting the experience.
Create an initial estimate to what you feel is a fair price, and you can always compare with similar activities that others may be hosting online.
Ultimately, it’s up to the market – if you can convince people your experience is worth $200, then by all means charge $200!
If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

Are there any costs to list my experience on Tattle?

Listing your experience is completely free. When someone books your experience on Tattle, we will take 15% of what the customer pays as a commission.

I don’t know where to start

We’re happy to help – sign up as a host here. After completing the signup form, you can schedule a time to have a call with us to learn more.

What happens if a guest cancels at the last minute?

We understand that a lot of experiences require you to prepare several days in advance. So you can set a “Booking and Cancellation Deadline” in your experience details. If you set it to 3 days, then you will still get paid if a guest cancels in the last 3 days before the experience.

Can I set requirements for guests to attend my experience? (age, # of guests, etc.)

You may set your group size in your experience details.

If your experience includes activities which are age-limited (for instance, a brewery tour that requires guests to be the legal drinking age), you may specify an age requirement. However, arbitrary discrimination against a protected group (as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act) is not allowed – our platform is all about embracing other people.

What services does Tattle offer?

What the core of what Tattle offers is a free to use online platform that allows locals like you to really get a chance to share with the world what you are passionate about, meet new people, learn new things, and create another channel of income.
If you are looking to become a host, but isn’t sure of what experience you can provide, worry not! We have built a database of cool ideas and have people who have been building exciting experiences who can help you customize an experience that’s right for you!
On top of that, we have a support team that is standing ready to help you with anything you may need. Please feel free to contact us any time.

How do I reach out to someone who booked my experience?

When a booking is confirmed, you can log in to the Host Console and check “Messaging”. We will also send you an email address for your guest.

Can I decline bookings?

You are always free to decline a booking if you are not able to make it that day.

How does the review system work?

After each experience, your guests will have an opportunity to leave you a review.
As a host, you can log in to your Host Console, and click on “Reviews” – you will be able to leave reviews for the guests you showed around, and read reviews that your guests left for you.

Will I be notified when my experience is booked?

Provided you have entered your email correctly when you sign up, you will receive an email the moment someone books your experience.
If you are unable to receive emails at all, please check your Spam/Junk folder. Some email services may filter out Tattle’s emails.
At any point when you are in the Admin Console, you may click on your picture at the top right corner to change your email.

Why do I have to complete a verification process in order to become a Tattle host?

We verify our hosts’ identity because we are dedicated to ensuring our platform is not used for fraudulent purposes. Verifying allows guests to have confidence and trust that you will provide a good experience.

How do I pause or deactivate my experience?

If you are out of town or otherwise unavailable, you may pause your experience by marking dates unavailable on your calendar until you are ready to resume running it.
You may deactivate your experience using the Host Console by changing the “Listed” toggle to off.