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As video creators ourselves, we know the struggle of building a channel. Our distribution partners in China have helped us build a successful presence on Weibo and Xigua where we’re getting 500,000 views a week. Now, we’d like to open the Chinese market to passionate video creators from the rest of the world, so you can earn extra revenue on the videos you’ve already worked hard to make – to support your career as a video creator!

We are now looking for Youtube channels with a consistent track record of putting out quality content to join our pilot program. We will choose a few of your best videos, add subtitles where needed, and begin distributing them in China.

Why China?

China is the largest consumer market in the world, but because of Internet restrictions, the 1.4 billion people of China cannot access international platforms like Youtube or Facebook. Instead, China has its own native platforms, such as Bilibili, Xigua, and Weibo. Increasingly over the past few years, the people of China are hungry for more content from the outside world.

In the year 2019, content creators on Chinese platforms earned over 150 billion yuan (that’s 20 billion USD or 30 billion CAD) in revenues. That’s a huge pie! If you’d like to get a piece of that pie, then at Tattle we’re happy to help you get started.

What We Offer

  • Translation – We will translate your video descriptions and titles, and add subtitles and/or dub over your videos (if necessary) so viewers in China can understand your content
  • Curation It’s important to know your target market. Chinese platforms often have yearly or monthly objectives, and content that aligns with those objectives will get an automatic boost. Also, certain sensitive topics may cause you to be demonetized or even banned from Chinese video platforms. Our staff will help you identify the best videos to push in China, and also steer clear of political landmines.
  • Legal Help – Let’s face it, copyright infringement for videos is rampant on many Chinese platforms. But with our professional legal partners in China, we can track down offenders who are copying the content that you’ve worked so hard to create, and instead we’ll build you a legitimate brand channel that actually earns you revenue.
  • Business Development – You can often make 5-10 times as much revenue from third-party sponsors than from the platform’s own ads. Our business development team proactively looks for sponsors who align with your content and opens the door to much higher earnings!

Here’s Your Perks

No Upfront Costs: Initially, we’ll do the translation and distribution 100% at our expense. Our business model is revenue sharing based, so you can be confident that we will do everything we can to promote your channel – if your channel doesn’t make money for you, we won’t make money either.

Customized Deals: We want to make sure that you, as a creator, are getting the most value you can out of the Chinese market. So we don’t just give you a boilerplate contract and ask you to sign it. Instead, we will work with you to craft a deal that suits your needs, giving you exactly the services you need.

Revenue Transparency: After you enter an agreement with Tattle, we will be in contact with you on a regular basis to let you know how your content is performing in China. Whenever we are able to find a new revenue opportunity for you, we will let you know so you can make an informed decision – so you can be confident that your content won’t be used in a way you don’t consent to.

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