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At Tattle, all our videos are made with this mission: to shine the spotlight on incredibly passionate locals with a story to tell, to help bring people of different cultures closer together.

With over 40 videos around the Vancouver area (Canada) and East Asia for your viewing pleasure, get ready to experience some amazing activities and eateries – through the eyes of locals themselves.

Secret Informant

Indian street food (chaat) and a langar meal at a Sikh temple, Surrey, BC, Canada (2018)

The project that started it all! In 2018, this food video series eventually developed into the company Tattle. Ever had trouble finding a good place to eat? Or wonder whether that so-called “Indian” restaurant is a place that Indian people actually go? Wonder no more.

Featuring Riley Murdock (from Linus Tech Tips) with his sidekick Leo Nguyen, the Secret Informant series explores great food recommended by locals in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. That’s right, each eatery has the stamp of approval from a cultural insider that knows what that cuisine is all about. The insider tells you what to order, how to eat it properly, and lots of other stories about their own background. Sure to make your mouth water!

Season 1 – Vancouver

Season 2 – Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

Tattle Tales – Malaysia

Bamboo rice cooked on an open fire, Kampung Seri Rahmat, Malaysia (2020)

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Tattle Tales – China

Hakka village, Fujian, China (2019)