Wanted: People for Silly Shenanigan Videos!

Get your 15 seconds of fame today

With the launch of our app coming up in February 2020, we’re going to be pushing out some videos as a marketing tool. In each video, we ask the SAME question to one person in China, and one person in Canada – both people have 15 seconds to answer it.

So now Tattle is looking for people around Vancouver to answer some questions for us on camera. The more entertaining your answer is, the better the chances that you’ll be selected to appear in a video!

“How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?”

What kinds of questions will get asked?

The main types of questions include:

  • Travel Questions – like “What’s one travel tip you’d give to someone travelling to your city for the first time?”
  • Personal Values Questions – like “How long would you have to be in a relationship before you’re comfortable proposing?”
  • Imaginative Questions – like “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”

Where do the videos get posted?

They’ll be posted on our accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

What’s the point of these videos?

We’re looking to explore the differences between cultures and values around the world in an entertaining way. Because Tattle is more than a travel app – it’s a window to understanding the local people and cultures of all the places you travel to.

When/Where will these videos be filmed?

Depending on people’s availability, we’ll usually have at least 2 mass filming sessions a month, but other than that – we’ll be in touch to make arrangements. Maybe you could drop by our office (near Metrotown), or one of our staff members could just meet you at a place that’s convenient for you. In each filming session, you can get up to 20 questions depending how much time you have.

How often do I get to film?

You can participate in as many filming sessions as you want!

What else happens during a filming session?

If there is time to spare, you may also get a chance to test out our app or preview some of our videos before they’re released

What do I get for participating?

Well, you could become the next viral video sensation! 😉

You’ll also be in enrolled into Tattle’s Early Adopter program, which means:

  • you can try out all our latest tech before anyone else sees it
  • we’ll send you private links to travel videos before they’re officially released
  • you’ll have a chance to tell us what you’d like to see in our app, to make it more useful for you when you go on your next vacation
  • whenever we have a giveaway, you’ll be eligible to win prizes which could range from free meals at a partner restaurant to Amazon gift cards to a credit towards a Tattle Experience of your choice

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