Unknown Canada

Unknown Canada is a forthcoming documentary webseries from Tattle, including 16 episodes in communities across BC and Alberta. Follow Tattle founder Andy Mo, a seasoned backpacker from Vancouver, on an adventure to discover what the lives of the people of Western Canada are all about.

In each of the 16 episodes of this series, Andy will interview one or more prominent local residents – to hear their stories, but also to enjoy activities that leads him to understand a particular aspect of Canada. Whether that’s playing hockey or curling, fishing, mountain biking, getting a taste of sushi or baklava, or experiencing one of the many diverse art forms and cultures of Canada’s cities – no two episodes will be the same.

Some things Andy will be exploring include:

  • A variety of culinary traditions, and the chefs who are using food as a form of cultural expression
  • Health and fitness – sports, martial arts, and wellness activities like yoga which have proliferated on the West Coast
  • The digital revolution; and the variety of “online famous” people that has generated, and how they have handled their newfound popularity
  • Music, dance, and the visual arts
  • Activist currents, and the people working hard to preserve ecosystems for future generations

This is the adventure of a lifetime you won’t want to miss.

(*Filming was originally scheduled for fall 2020 but has been postponed due to COVID-19).

The People

A Message from Andy

“My name is Andy, and I’m a hard core backpacker. I immigrated to Vancouver when I was young, and as I was growing up, I always felt really far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, and I was itching to get out and see it for myself.

So I’ve spent the last few years travelling to over 50 countries: trying exotic foods, learning about new cultures, and taking pictures that make all my friends back home jealous. From Cairo to Kraków, I’ve discovered amazing places I couldn’t ever experience fully on my own, through the kindness of the locals I met.

Somehow, if there’s one place I haven’t explored much of yet, it’s home – Western Canada.

So I’ll be going to new places with amazing people all over BC and Alberta. And this time, I’m going to film it all on camera! I’m on a mission to show my friends around the world all the adventure, scenery, diversity, and best-kept secrets of the region I come from!

Some Locals We’re Filming With

Hidekazu Tojo – most famous as the inventor of the California roll, but Chef Tojo is about so much more than that! As one of only 13 Culinary Ambassadors recognized by the government of Japan, he’s been constantly trying to create new Japanese meals.

After visiting a Buddhist temple last year, Chef Tojo was inspired to create a brand new menu at his omakase restaurant in Vancouver. In an Unknown Canada video, Andy will try the new menu and let you all know whether it’s worth it!

Robert Mustard – He’s a shihan (aikido master) of the 8th dan, which makes him the highest-ranking practicioner of aikido not born in Japan. Originally from Toronto, he went to the Hombu Dojo, the original home and headquarters of this martial art, to train with the most prestigious masters in the world. After 10 years at the Hombu, he became the Chief Foreign Instructor.

After the death of his legendary teacher, Gozo Shioda, he moved to Burnaby, Canada to start his own dojo. In Unknown Canada, Andy will pay him a visit and show him what he’s got – but will Andy be able to stop Robert Shihan from knocking him down?

Riza Santos – She’s one of the only people to have represented Canada in three international beauty pageants – Miss Earth in 2006, Miss Canada in 2011, and Miss Universe in 2013. But if you thought she’s only a beauty queen, think again. Riza has also served with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, worked for the Canada International Development Agency overseas, and she’s now the vice-president of a technology company in Calgary. Not too shabby, eh?

Riza has never lost her love for her hometown and the beautiful mountains nearby. In Unknown Canada, Riza will take Andy to some of her favourite places in Banff National Park and a favourite eatery in Calgary!

You Could Be Next

If you’re from Western Canada and you have an amazing story to tell or show us, and you’d like to be featured in this series, please contact us! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.